Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One


Funeral arrangements can be a complicated task, but we will help and guide you through the process in a straight forward way, giving you as much choice as you need to personalise the Funeral you are planning.

Our help includes guidance in the following areas:

  • Choosing a Coffin from our extensive range of Wooden and Wicker Caskets.
  • Arranging Removals from Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Airports (in the case of Repatriation) and Regional Mortuaries.
  • Liaising with Clergy and booking Churches and Service Times for the Funeral.
  • Arranging Musicians to play and sing at the Funeral.
  • Providing Cremation Forms and liaising with Doctors, Coroners, JPs and those involved with processing the Cremation Papers.
  • Arranging floral tributes and taking donations in lieu of flowers to Charities on behalf of families of the Deceased.
  • Liaising with PSNI regarding Traffic Control for Funeral Processions and Funeral Road Signage.
  • Arranging purchase and opening of graves in both Parochial and Municipal Cemeteries.
  • Arranging the Scattering of Ashes or Burial at Sea.
  • Providing information on Bereavement Counselling and coping with death and grief.
  • Providing information on registering deaths and certification.

Our assistance has no limit when it comes to arranging your loved ones Funeral.


Our Family has occupied the premises at 35 Church Street, Warrenpoint since 1819. It has also been our Family Home since then. Over the years many renovations have been made to the building, taking care to maintain its old world charm, including the Arched Wooden Gateway which has become a landmark on the Street.

The current Funeral Home consists of a number of Arranging Offices, Viewing Rooms, Body Preparation Room, Showroom for Coffins, as well as Store Rooms and Garage Facilities. A tranquil Floral Courtyard with a Water Feature is central to the facilities available.


The photos provided are just some of the Coffins, Caskets and Urns that are available for your choice.


We can provide either Motor or Horse Drawn Hearse for your funeral. We can also hire our hearse to other Funeral Directors.

Funeral Cars seating up to 7 persons can be provided for family and relatives at Removals and Funerals.


We can provide floral arrangements through our florist


We work closely with Golden Charter Funeral Plans to offer those who wish to organise and pay for their funeral in advance. Golden Charter provides the best opportunities in pre planning Funeral Arrangements. We are available to meet you and go through the many options that Golden Charter offer on their Funeral Plans. We are very experienced in this field and will give any advice and assistance required.

Visit the Golden Charter website at the following link –


We supply Granite and Marble Headstones and Surrounds in any shape, size or colour and erect them in any Cemetery. Also available is a Grave Maintenance Service which includes additional lettering, supplying stone chippings and general maintenance.


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